Hampton Village Community Association Meeting

Minutes – February 28, 2011



Date: February 28, 2011

Location: Dundonald School Library


Members Present:


Josh Teichreob, Jacki Peters, David Godwin, Abby Schoonmaker, Robert Kitzan, Mario Degagne, Kim Peterson, Regan Courtney


Others Present:


Mitch Kachur (Principle Dundonald School), John & Kate Douglas


  1. Josh call meeting to order at 6:30 pm


  1. Approve Agenda


q Motion made by Kim Peterson

q Seconded by Abby Schoonmaker

q Carried


  1. Financial Update – Kim Peterson

q No statement update presented.

q Indicated we made a profit with the Pilates class

q Concerns about Annual Financial Review, possibly waiving review for 2010 year, as incorporated papers only received as of November 8, 2010. David Godwin with the city to look in to it. Confirm changing fiscal year to August 31, as addressed in meeting of October 18, 2010.

q Requested budget for all activities (Rink, Recreation, Newsletter/communications, Special Events (BBQ/Garage Sale, Fun Day etc.) for the 2011/12 year – Sept – Aug.


  1. Newsletter – Abby Schoonmaker

q Small electronic Newsletter done, should be posted on the website

q Next newsletter to be out for beginning of April – Advertiser deadline of March 15th – possible articles about: Family Swim @Shaw Center in Fall, Rink Update – permanent site, Regan to submit info about upcoming fitness, Principles report from Dundonald School.

q April newsletter to be printed in paper copy & distributed.





5. Recreation Update – Mario Degagne & Regan Courtney

q Regan – the Pilates class was a great success – 17 people signed up. Will be running another class from April to end of June in the same time slot of Monday’s from 7:30 to 8:30.

q Regan – would like to run a Learn to Run Program in the Spring – May to June, will put something together for Newsletter

q Regan – Looking to put together a Weight Loss Challenge – Individual, Family Couple, for the Fall bringing in guess speaker health & nutrition etc. Looking to local business to donate prizes.

q Mario – Kinder Soccer registration is to take place March 1 & 3, all equipment has been purchased. Pam needs confirmation of insurance to book the Hampton Village Soccer area. Mario will be attending the registration nights, with forms and memberships.

q Mario – All fastball leagues are now done at the Zone level and not through the community association.


6. Rink Update – Josh Teichreob

q City has approved funding for a permanent rink just east of Hampton Circle. A committee has been formed to build the rink, currently have 7-10 volunteers.

q Possible warm-up shack donated by Shoppers Drug Mart – Matt looking into it.

q Consider deal to contactors/people who donate time/money to rink on advertising in newsletter/website/rink boards.


7. Special Events – Fun Day, Garage Sale – Abby Schoonmaker

q Garage Sale to take place May 14th, BBQ to run in conjunction. Committee in place, volunteers needed, Matt has list of volunteers. Garage Sale advertised in Newsletter, same as last year: maps available, community table, etc.

q Mitch Kachur advised contact Sask Energy they have a BBQ and person does the BBQ’ing.

q Fun Day in the Park – would nice to have, need volunteers to help run, possible June or September


8. Report from Dundonald School – Mitch Kachur

q Offered use of sign outside front of School(15 characters per line, 5 lines) to advertise community events, as well as space in school newsletter/website portal.

q Currently 603 children enrolled in Dundonald school of which 140 are from Hampton Village.

q Would be willing to put together something for newsletter.

q Would be willing to volunteer for Special Events in need to show community support.



9. Volunteer Appreciation Night – David Godwin

q March 31 – at Bethlehem School, Early Bird Deadline March 1st @ 5 pm – (Gift Certificate to TCU Place for a performance). Magic Show, wandering Magicians, Hot/cold food & Cash Bar. Email: Amanda.kondra@saskatoon.ca to register


10. Motion to adjourn meeting by Robert Kitzan at 7: 40 pm