Date: September 20, 2010

Location: Dundonald School

Members Present:

Matt Ingrouille, Erin Field, David Godwin, Doug DeWeert,

Robert Kitzan, Mario Degagne, Kim Petersen, Peggy Nelles, Dave Lozowchuk,

Jessica Craig, Pam Laurans


1. Matt Ingrouille (President) called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m.


2. Approval of Agenda

• Motion was made by NA.

• Seconded by NA.

• Carried.


3. Guest Speaker: Pam Laurans

• Pam & Jessica presented the information they have gathered:  They have found that

Dundonald does not offer Kinder Soccer (which is for the age group 4 and under),

and suggested that we start a Kinder Soccer in Hampton Village.

• Pam & Jessica are to bring forward future Community Association meeting, and have agreed to take the position of

Kinder Soccer Coordinators.


4. Old Business

A) Insurance – The HVCA now has a 2 million dollar liability insurance policy through

Galon Insurance, which costs $480/year.

B) Permanent Rink Location

and they had approved our request for a permanent rink location on Dundee

property.  A contract will need to be drawn up which will state that

inside and outside (for a 10’ perimeter) will be the responsibility of the HVCA.  The

details of this contract will be brought forward at a later date.

C) Shannon Siratt has agreed to lead this project, with David Kitzan.

forward a proposal regarding budget, fundraising, etc for next Community

Association Meeting.

D) Incorporation Papers

been completed and sent away, but we have not yet received anything in answer.

E) Daycare Rezoning – Kim Peterson reviewed the City Council Meeting on Sept. 13,

2010 in which the Proposed Daycare (brought forth by Stacey Cutter and Angie Congdon) was addressed for a discretionary use application.  Members of Hampton Village came out to show massive support for the daycare and the Discretionary Use

Application was Approved for the Proposed 32 child daycare facility.

F) Fire Hall Meeting – Shannon Siratt reported on the Proposed Fire Hall Meeting,

which took place Tuesday, Sept. 14.  Shannon reported that there were some

concerns brought forth at the meeting, but the general consensus

proposed location would be the best choice in keeping with the 4 Minute Response

Time.  This fire hall with have 1 fire engine and will have 5 staff on 24/7.  It is slated

for completion in 2012 and will be similar in design to the other new

located throughout the city.


5. Appointment of Rink Coordinator

• Motion was made by Peggy Nelles to appoint Shannon Siratt as Rink Coordinator.

• Seconded by Erin Field.

• Carried.


6. Secretary Position

• Kim Peterson suggested Stacey Cutter and Angie Congdon as the new Secretaries.

This will be confirmed at the next Community Association Meeting.


7. Recreation Coordinator

• Motion was made by Kim Peterson to appoint Mario Degagne as the Recreation

son to appoint Mario Degagne as the Recreation Coordinator.

• Seconded by Josh Teichroeb.

• Carried.




8. Updates


Newsletter Committee – Not available.  Shar-Lee Haichert will still be involved with

the production of the newsletter.  Jennifer Upton volunteered to help as well.  Matt

Ingrouille stated that there are already 10-15 advertisers for the next newsletter.


• Community Consultant – David Godwin introduced Doug as the Indoor Coordinator

David updated the HVCA on the Volunteer training session, will be rescheduled for November.

He discussed the Girls in Motion program, and urged the HVCA to check out the city’s website for more

information, and to pre-register by October 5th if interested (Girls in Motion only)

(items summarized in his notes sent via email)  David also noted that there had been

some concerns this year regarding a “known Ball group” and their actions who will be talked to and sanctioned.

He urges anyone from the neighborhood to call the City if they notice unlawful behavior in the parks,

vandalism, etc and report it.




9. Memberships – Kim Peterson will continue to handle the memberships at this time, until

a Membership Leader can be found.



10. Meeting days/times – will continue as is: the third Monday of the month, from 7 8:30pm.



11. Annual General Meeting – Kim Peterson will present information on Fiscal Year end &

the Annual General Meeting requirements at a later HVCA meeting.


12. Treasures Report – Kim Peterson will present a Treasurers Report at the next HVCA




13. Next Meeting will be October 18, 2010, 7-8:30 at the Dundonald School Library.

Motion made by Erin Field to adjourn the meeting.

Meeting Adjourned at 8:37.