Meeting October 18, 2010
Location: Dundonald School

Members Present:

Kim Petersen, Angela Congdon, Stacey Cutter, David Godwin, Peggy Nelles, Shannon & Jenn Siratt, Abby Schoonmaker, Mario Degagne, Matt Ingrouille, Jennifer Upton, Regan Courtney.

1. Matt Ingrouille called the meeting to order at 7:00pm.


2. Approval of agenda


  • Motion made by Kim Petersen
  • Second by Jennifer Upton
  • Motion passed


3. Guest speaker :  Regan Courtney


  • Personal trainer moved to Hampton Village recently
  • Interested in putting group programs together (pilates, boxercise)
  • Spring/Summer boot camps indoors and outdoors
  • January, hoping to start a community weight loss group activity, and receive donations from local vendors as prizes to use.
  • Regan and Mario ( recreational coordinator) are going to come up with some ideas and set dates and places to hold the classes.
  • Start time potential January 2011
  • A motion and vote will be put forward via email


4. Budget 2010 –2011


  • Kim Petersen will develop business budget
  • August 31st to be the end of the fiscal year
  • Annual budget meeting to be held in November
  • Group email will be sent out asking for each comities estimated budgets for the year.


5. Goals for the upcoming year


  • Rink
  • Kinder soccer
  • Garage sale
  • Fitness programs
  • Volunteer Social  set for January 21st 2011
  • Winter event, possibly opening of the new rink, with hot chocolate


6. Volunteer Conference


  • Put in place to talk about issues, training
  • Power workshop takes place October 28th at the Park Town Hotel 7pm – 9pm if interested, people must register in advance.


7. Motion put forward by Kim Petersen to purchase stamps

  • Motion second by Mario
  • Motion passed

8. Motion to adjourn meeting by Jennifer Upton 8:15pm.