Hampton Village Community Association

Meeting Minutes 2009/Nov/30

Caroline Robins School, 7:00pm-8:45pm

1. Matt Ingrouille Called the meeting to order

2. David Godwin from the City of Saskatoon, Community Development Branch spoke about forming the association and other details.

3. Declaration to form an association
Motion: Barb Polan
Second: Matt Ingrouille

“we the undersigned do hereby form the Hampton Village Community Association”:

Matt Ingrouille  Shannon Siratt
Josh Teichroeb  Volker Polan
Kim Petersen  Abby Schoonmaker
Mario Degagne  Erin Field
Jennifer Upton  Jacqueline Peters

4. Motion made to make Kim Petersen the treasurer.

5. Motion made to make Matt Ingrouille the president.

6. Signing authorities for bank account to be any two of Matt Ingrouille, Josh Teichroeb, or Kim Petersen.
Motion: Matt Ingrouille
Second: Volker Polan

7. Brent Upton volunteered a domain for website: www.hamptonvillagecommunity.com

8. Motion to open a bank account for association.
Motion: Erin Field
Friendly amendment/second: Kim Petersen – Motion to open account for association and that the signing authorities can make the decision on which financial institution and account type without consultation with the association.

9. Motion to set up a membership fee for 10 dollars a family to join the association.
Motion: Abby Schoonmaker
Second: Jennifer Siratt

10. Motion to adjourn meeting.
Motion: Matt Ingrouille

Meeting adjourned