May 17th, 2010 7:00 PM


Attendance: Jordan Woodsworth, Steve Flegel, Kim Sutherland, Lisa Lizotte, Dave Lozowchuk, Peggy Nelles, Abby Schoonmaker, Erin Field, Jacki Peters, Josh Teichrob, Kim Peterson, Jenni Upton, David Godwin

Regrets: Matt Ingrouille , Shar-Lee Haichert




Dave moved agenda be adopted as read, Jordan Seconded this motion, it was carried


Kim Peterson moved the meeting be adopted as read, Jacki Seconded the motion, carried


Garage Sale follow up:

Erin, Jenni and Abby talked about how the garage sale went. There was a great turn out. The only problem is there needed to be at least three times the amount of volunteers. Gragage sale committee has come up with a list of things to do differently for next year. Overall it went really well.

Tickets Counted (this number is an esimate as there may have been a few tickets not accounted for):

233 drinks, 247 cheese burgers, 4 double cheese burgers, 81 hamburgers

Money numbers (these numbers have not been counted by the treasuer yet)

Food: 502.05 (profit)

Membership: 120.00

Garage Sale: 187.45

Total profit: 809.50

Membership Drive:

Josh talked about the membership drive. It turned out to be more of a newsletter hand out drive due to the lack of volunteers. People did not have time to stand on each door step for a long period of time to sell memberships. We now have the official membership books. Josh will be meeting with Kim to sort out the financial side of the membership drive.

Financial Statement:

Kim produced the financial statement up to March 31st. Kim talked about the many controls that are in place at events such as the garage sale to ensure accountabilty of the money. Anyone is able to ask about these and learn more about them. There has been no real financial activity with the bank account. There was income money in April. In May there were two checks that took money out. 400.00 for the float and 450 for the burger sales. Currently the balance is 1780.64

Everyone read the bank information. Kim Peterson made a motion to move the report be adopted as read. Erin Seconded it. Carried.



Kim made a motion that 450.00 may be for the purchase of insurance. Abby Seconded this motion. Carried.

Matt is looking into insurance. He is currently dealing with Galon insurance.



Josh talked about the need that we have for a rink coordinator. Even though it is spring it is time to think about who could be our rink coordinator. Josh and Matt are going to try and have a meeting with Dundee to see if they would give Hampton Village a permanent rink spot. Currently they have given a temporary spot which means the rink needs to be taken down each year. Not sure if this is possible but going to look into it.


Fun Day in the Park:

This event was not advertised in the newsletter and there is no way we will be able to get the word out by June for the Fun Day. Also there are currently not enough volunteers to have a fun day in the Park. Will look at having one in the fall for back to school. Will only have one if there are enough volunteers.


Discussion of community issues:

Discussion around the Shoppers Drug mart coming into Hampton Village. Worries around the brightness of the lights. David suggested whoever would like more information can call the planning branch.

Concerns were also talked about regarding home construction sites. There are some builders that are not abiding by the safety regulations or the noise bylaws. There are some open pits without fences etc. Many children play in these areas and this is a concern. David suggested for the noise bylaws – call the police as it is happening. If there are concerns with the safety on a building site a person needs to call OH&S directly.

Erin Adjourned the meeting