Hampton Village Community Association

Meeting Minutes

Caroline Robins Community School

March 15, 2010 – 7:00 p.m.


Members present: Matt Ingrouille, Josh Teichroeb, Kim Petersen, Shar-Lee Haichert, Erin

Field, Abby Schoonmaker, David Godwin, Joel Anderson, Jeff Bennett, Jacki Peters, Jennifer

Siratt, Shannon Siratt, Derek Gran, Natalie Gran, Jennifer Upton, Deanne Dawes, Jody



Matt Ingrouille called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m.


1. Approval of Agenda

Motion was made by Jacki Peters to accept the agenda as presented

Seconded by Abby Schoonmaker



2. Announcements

Matt Ingrouille attended the City Council meeting March 1 to bring up the issues and

concerns  regarding rezoning of 310 Hampton Circle from RMN to RMN1. Council

discussed how beneficial the rezoning would be. A vote was not taken and the issue was

pushed forward.  Councillor Miles Heit will contact Matt Ingrouille this week to with more



3. New Business

A. Dundonald Community Association is interested in a partnership between community

associations. Their association is in need of volunteers, particularly co-ordinators. Matt

Ingrouille will meet with them for details and report to the council at the next meeting.


B. Mailbox & Meeting Place

Currently our meetings have been taking place at Caroline Robins Community School,

however the children from our neighbourhood are attending Dundonald School.  It was

put to a vote to move our meetings to Dundonald, seek permission to have a mailbox

and photocopy number there. The vote was unanimous and Matt Ingrouille will contact

Mitch Kachur, Principal at Dundonald School, to make the arrangements.


C. Discuss Advertising – Options and Pricing

Matt Ingrouille reported to the council advertising costs from six community

associations, which  vary from community to community.  We discussed setting our

prices per newsletter with a full page ad priced at $100.00, a half page ad priced at

$75.00, a quarter page ad priced at $50.00, and a business card size ad priced at

$25.00.  All ads will be published in our newsletter, three times a year, and on our

webpage. Camera ready ads must be provided in pdf format.

Erin Field made a motion

Kim Peterson seconded



4. Old Business


A. Community Garage Sale and Fun Day in the Park

Proposed dates were set for a community garage sale – Saturday, May 15 and Sunday,

May 16, 2010 and Fun in the Park Day – Saturday, June 20. Abby Schoonmaker

volunteered to lead a planning committee of Jennifer Upton, Erin Field, Deanne Dawes,

Jody Yaremko, and Jacki Peters. The committee will plan the events and report back to

the council.

Motion was made by Jennifer Upton

Second by Josh Teichrob



B. Newsletter

David Godwin mentioned that as of April 2011 the city is looking at changing the criteria

for grants. It has always been a minimum of three newsletters per year and will be

changing to three printed hardcopy newsletters per year delivered to the community or

one hardcopy newsletter per year (usually this is in September with programs and cost

as a barrier info) and the remainder of the newsletters can be hardcopy, website, flyers

signs etc. Until the new criteria comes into place we will publish three newsletters per

calendar year.  These issues will be spring, fall and winter.


C. Membership Drive

Josh Teichrob will go ahead and organize a group of people


5. Additional Items


A. Kim Peterson spoke regarding the non-profit Incorporation papers. There is an 85$

fee, which is less than we initially thought.  Kim Peterson will complete the application,

then meet with Matt Ingrouille to sign.


B. David Godwin spoke regarding the need for two million dollars in liability insurance

before we can go ahead with any activities.  Matt Ingrouille will look into this.


C. Discussion of a possible movie night in the fall.


The next meeting was scheduled for Monday, April 19, 2010 – 7:00 p.m. at Dundonald School


Erin motion to adjourn the meeting


Meeting adjourned at 8:15 p.m.