Hampton Village Community Association

Meeting Minutes

Dundonald School

April 19, 2010 – 7:00 p.m.

Members present: Matt Ingrouille,  Josh Teichroeb, Kim Petersen, Shar-Lee Haichert,  Erin

Field, Abby Schoonmaker, David Godwin, Jennifer Upton, Don Atchison, Sabine Doebel-

Atchison, Jennifer Anmar, Jordan Woodsworth, Peggy Nelles, Dave Lozowchuk, Janet Flett,

Angela Congdon, Stacey Cutter, and RaeLynn Hildebrandt

Matt Ingrouille called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. Matt took a moment to introduce the

board members to the newcomers at the meeting.

1. Approval of Minutes from March 15, 2010

Motion was made by Shar-Lee Haichert to accept the minutes as presented

Seconded by Kim Petersen


2.  Guest Speakers

Stacey Cutter  and Angie Congdon spoke to the association regarding their proposed day

care home being built at 210 Dawson Crescent in West Hampton. They are currently

going through a discretionary process to have the home approved by the city. If approved

building will start immediately.  The estimated completion time is 5 months. Stacey and

Angie recently went door to door delivering a survey, which they would appreciate if

everyone who received one would complete. They asked for the associations support and

for us to spread the word.


3. Nominate Advertising Co-ordinator

Derek Gran put forth his name for advertising co-ordinator. In his absence Matt spoke for


Motion was made by Kim Petersen to elect Derek Gran for the position of advertising


Seconded by Jordan Woodsworth


4.  Community Garage Sale Committee

Jenni Upton and Abby Schoonmaker updated the association on where we are in the

planning of the garage sale day. They are running an ad in our community newsletter

the Saskatoon StarPhoenix, as well  they will be creating a Facebook event. Jenni and

Abby passed around a projected statement of costs and profits.

Motion was made by Erin Fields for the garage sale committee to spend up to $750.00

including three $100.00 floats for operation costs on May 15.

Seconded by Kim Petersen

Carried5.  Newsletter

A.  David Godwin reiterated point 4B from our March 15, 2010 meeting that as of April 2011

the city is looking at changing the criteria for grants. It has always been a minimum of

three newsletters per year and will be changing to three printed hardcopy newsletters

per year delivered to the community or one hardcopy newsletter per year (usually this is

in September with programs and cost as a barrier info) and the remainder of the

newsletters can be hardcopy, website, flyers signs etc. Until the new criteria comes into

place we will publish three newsletters per calendar year.  These issues will be spring,

fall and winter.

B.  Shar-Lee Haichert presented the rough draft of the newsletter. Delivery will be the

weekend of April 23 – 25, 2010 was set. That way we are able to deliver the newsletters

to the  community while we are conducting our membership drive.

Motion was made by Shar-Lee Haichert to have the newsletter printed at the Saskatoon

Public Board office at a cost of no more than $0.20 per copy.

Seconded by Jordan Woodsworth


6.  Membership Drive

Josh Teichrob discussed the membership drive that will take place the weekend of April

23-25, 2010. A sign up sheet was passed around allowing members to sign up. Kim

Petersen  will look into having membership cards printed instead of using receipt books.

When a decision has been reached Kim will put forth a motion in an online quorum.


7. Additional Items

A. Commercial Business – discussion of the Shoppers Drug Mart being built and a possible

City Fire Hall.

B. David Godwin questioned whether we had purchased insurance yet. Matt will take care

of this as stated in 5B of the March 15, 2010 meeting.

C. Matt updated everyone on Dundonald’s situation of not having an indoor co-ordinator.

They will not be able to offer fall programs in the fall if no one steps up to volunteer.

D. Kim Peterson updated us on the Incorporation process. She will complete the papers

and submit them by next week.

Kim Petersen put forth a motion to spend no more than $85.00 ($20.00 for the name

search and $65.00 to register a non profit corporation) to incorporate the association.

Erin Fields seconded the motion


E.  David Godwin suggested we start discussing planning of our outdoor rink for the fall.

F. David Godwin informed the association on the happenings at Confederation Mall

(Canadian Tire, Winners, and Shoppers Drug Mart, with Safeway expanding – opening

Spring 2011).

G. David Godwin stated that in the summer of 2011 all Softball will be Zone 5 ball and not

run by the local community associations. For more information speak to Shandra or

Wes with the Zone 5 Ball Association.

Erin motion to adjourn the meeting


Meeting adjourned at 8:30 p.m.

The next meeting will be held Monday, May 17, 2010 – 7:00 p.m. at Dundonald School